Balthazar announces partnership with Block Born

Balthazar announces partnership with Block Born

Balthazar announces partnership with Block Born

November 21, 2022




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NFT gaming platform Balthazar DAO is excited to announce a new partnership with Web3 gaming platform Block Born.

The partnership includes Block Born’s esports integration featuring their inbuilt Battle Pass and Tournament software for games in the Balthazar ecosystem, as well as offering Block Born customers Balthazar’s Web3 technology. 

It also includes several key services that Balthazar will provide:

  • Auditing: In-depth, third-party objective internal audit and the provision of a Balthazar Approved Badge dependent on the game passing the audit.

  • Playtesting: Balthazar Alpha Team, led by NicoThePico, will playtest and evaluate gameplay and provide content and feedback.

  • Quality control reports: Provision of recommendations to Web3 games around improving their project, and reports for venture capital around the “hard to assess” qualities such as lore, gameplay, narrative.

  • And co-launch tournaments and gaming events.

The first joint event is a Hackathon powered by Tezos, which launched on November 9, 2022 and ends on December 4, 2022. Developers are invited to build using the Tezos blockchain, join workshops, AMAs and mentor sessions with a prize pool of US$40,000 worth of tez up for grabs.

John Stefanidis, Co-founder and CEO of Balthazar, said the partnership marks a key milestone for the DAO.

“Block Born is backed by one of the largest esports organizations in the world, and it works closely with Tezos. This partnership will allow Balthazar to work deeply within the gaming space as a key Web3 partner.”

Will Pazos, SVP of Block Born:

“Block Born is excited to partner with Balthazar to combine forces and create an incredible game offering for projects on Tezos. Between Block Born’s professional esports products and Balthazar’s veteran game research and platform, we believe developers on Tezos will have everything they need to build successful games in Web 3.”

About Block Born

Block Born is a competitive gaming platform on Tezos that offers a gaming launchpad, a Battle Pass and a best-in-class tournament software. Leveraging its years of experience competing in Tier 1 esports leagues, Block Born’s tournament, quest, and bounty systems exist to emphasize a gameplay-first approach to Web 3 games.

About Balthazar DAO

Balthazar DAO is an NFT (non-fungible token) gaming platform for the metaverse. Balthazar is about building an innovative ecosystem to make NFTs, cryptocurrency, and gaming more accessible for more people. For more information, please visit https://bltzr.gg/

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